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I'm just a beginner at language learning. But I've decided to take short breaks and do some clean-up / expansion of this Wiki.

About Me[]

I'm married, and the father of two (barely) adult children. One of my daughters is a graduate student at Duke University, working on a Masters in Interdisciplinary Data Science, while the other is graduating from Oklahoma City University with majors in Vocal Performance and Musical Theater. My wife is a mathematics professor at Stetson University. I am a government bureaucrat for a local municipal government in Central Florida (USA).

I have a B.S. in Computer Science, a B.B.A. in Accounting, a Masters of Accountancy, and a Masters of Public Administration. I am a Certified Management Accountant and a Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor. I also hold several Microsoft user and professional level certifications. (I used to hold a Certified Public Accountant, but I let it lapse when I stopped practicing public accounting.)

I am an active member of the Libertarian Party.

I am currently attempting to learn French, which was my native language. My family moved to France when I was six months old. We moved back to the United States when I approached grade school age. Subsequently, I have forgotten all the French I ever knew.

Travel & language blog, On The Road.


Completed Projects[]

  • Updated the Pimsleur[1] page
  • Added a link from the existing linked language pages to the Pimsleur page
  • Added missing Pimsleur languages and made first pass at cleaning up all Pimsleur languages
  • Replaced FSI with Foreign Service Institute throughout wiki
  • Added note regarding FSI difficulty of different languages
  • Updated Duolingo[2] page; added links from languages taught
  • Updated Rosetta Stone page; added links from languages taught

Current Project[]

  • Foreign Service Institute: clean up FSI page. Link to languages offered. Edit those languages to mention the Foreign Service Institute offering

Ongoing Project[]

  • Maintain and update the Pimsleur page. Add news items (new levels, updates to existing levels, etc.)
  • Expand the how to edit forum posts. (Next, adding slug at the bottom of an article)

Future Projects[]

  • DLI: create Defense Language Institute page. Link to languages offered. Edit those languages to mention the DLI offering. Search for all mentions of DLI within the wiki and correct and link.
  • Peace Corp: create Peace Corp page. Link to languages offered. Edit those languages to mention the Peace Corp offering. Search for all mentions of PC within the wiki and correct and link.
  • European Union: identify and tag the 24 official and working languages of the European Union
  • Templates: Look at the templates in the Wiki. Remove duplicates, and convert to the new Wikia format. Review the usage of the templates in the wiki. (Assuming I have the correct rights.)
  • French: check entire article. Fix (or delete) broken links. Etc.

(This future project list is growing faster than my actual accomplishments.)

References & Notes[]

  1. Why Pimsleur? Well, that's what I'm currently studying (Pimsleur French Premium), and I noticed that the Pimsleur article was sketchy and way out of date.
  2. Why Duolingo? Because I'm using it.

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