When writing articles for the forum, please respect people's copyrights. In particular, forum members retain copyright over their posts. This means you can't just cut and paste an entire thread into the wiki. That also wouldn't serve the purpose of extracting the best bits from the forum.

Similarly, Wikipedia has lots of information on a number of topics that are covered under the mandate of this wiki. The goal of Wikipedia is to be a general purpose encyclopedia. The goal of our wiki is how that information relates to language learners. If a Wikipedia page exists for a topic you're writing about, don't just copy the wikipedia page. Instead, include a very brief summary of the topic with a link to the Wikipedia page in the first paragaph. The rest of the page should be framing the topic in the context of the independent language learner.

For example, The Wikipedia Pimsleur page talks about the courses in an objective, factual manner. Our Pimsleur page should talk about the courses from the point of view of the language learner, including items like effectiveness, money/reward and time/reward ratios, effective use of the course, especially if there are alternate methods of using the course materials.

Also, please remember that wiki itself is not the discussion forum. For discussing the techniques, please continue to use the forum. For discussions about the way the particular technique is represented in the wiki, please use the Discussion page associated with the problem page.