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How to add content to the wikia specific language pages with tables on them

by BAnna, some edits by Serpent

Caveat: I am technically challenged, so others, please feel free to improve upon these instructions...

Go to page in questions, and select "Edit". On the table (books or films, audio, etc.), right click and select "Row", then "Insert Row After". Type in what you want to recommend (title, your comments and who you are). Then hit "Publish". You're done! Please don't set a width for the table or for the Comments column.

Title: Don't use * as the first character.

Comments: Please no spoilers. We don't want to know who the murderer was!

If possible, let us know something about the level (only uses present tense, for kids, learners), and something about the genre (scifi, detective, etc.) and of course your opinion. If you didn't like it, please don't put it on the "recommendations" list.

If it's something that would be good in any language (Harry Potter for example), please don't put it on the specific language page, but rather on the multilingual recommendation page.

  • When uploading photos, please choose original size and manually add " |140px" in the photo tag (using the source code). If you don't know how to do this, please set the size to about 120 px and ask someone to fix this, or resize the photo to 140px wide in any graphic editor, including online ones like PicMonkey.

And here's how to create a new page (with same format as others if you wish):

Select "Contribute", then "Add a Page". In the "What do you want to call it" box, put "Super Challenge Recommendations Language X".

Then select the Blank Page format, and "Add a Page".

Add a table from the right menu. Make it 3 Rows by 3 Columns, with the caption Books.

Below it, add another table, with the caption Films, Audio, etc.

The column headings are Title, Comment, Contributor.

As I said, I'm not especially savvy on contributing to wikia (this was my first go), so there may be an easier way,... so please add suggestions to make it better. Thanks!

alt:  Go to a page without any data and a template you like. Under edit, select "source."    Copy the wikitext, then paste it in your new page.

How to add a category (so the page is linked under Super Challenge): Scroll to bottom of page (NOT in edit mode), select Add Category, type in "Super Challenge Recommendations" then hit return and save.

Two people can't edit the same page simultaneously, so best save your edits frequently. If your edit isn't accepted, go to source mode and copy your edits.