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The following links are intended for use with subs2srs, which creates flash cards from subtitled video.

In general, it's not too hard to find Spanish subtitles (and even audio tracks) on US editions of DVDs. Often, you can just browse the video aisle and come up with several possibilities. But especially if you're a beginner, it's nice to have highly accurate Spanish subtitles and a link to the corresponding video file. The list below is intended to contain highly accurate subtitles and links to the exact matching DVDs, unless specified otherwise.

TV series Edit

Avatar: The Last Airbender Edit

The original US DVDs have high-quality Spanish and French audio tracks for seasons 1 and 2. The original single DVD packages advertise the presence of these tracks. As for the new "Complete Book N Collection" edition, the situation is more complicated:

Subtitles are available on, but the accuracy varies considerably. For episode 1 & 2, there are also accurate, manually aligned subtitles specifically tuned for subs2srs.

Films Edit

The following films have accurate bilingual subtitles on the DVD, which can be extracted using HandBrake and Subtitle Edit's "image OCR" mode:

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