On sharedtalk you can exchange mails with your penpals, chat in multiple chats, private chats or public chats (dedicated to language exchange) or VOCAL chat. You have your own profile and mailbox. You can find new partners and penpals using different criteria and you have no limits in using the website (like happens in mylanguageexchange).

It's worth noting that the software is still in the beta stage after a very long time, and the email system is pretty simplistic and inflexible. For example, there is only one font in only one size, black and white only. So you're unable to, for instance, cross out a spelling error and correct it in a different color. In other words, it's pretty tricky to correct language mistakes; a serious limitation for a "language-learning forum."

Another minor flaw is that certain messages exchanged in chatrooms (even one-on-one private ones) are filtered out automatically, for examples, if any part of a message contains an email address domain name, the entire message is blocked as if never written. Neither the sender nor the correspondent are not informed by any means.