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Scriptorium is a language learning technique developed by Alexander Arguelles. It is primarily an exercise in writing.

With this method, one may develop several things:

1. Better writing in the target language.

2. Better understanding of the correspondence between speech and writing.

3. An ability to write at a more stylistic level in the target language.

4. It develops working memory (the centre of all learning).

5. Develop one's focus.

Basic method[]

  1. Take a sentence and read it aloud.
  2. Speak aloud again as you write it carefully.
  3. Read the sentence aloud from what you have written.


  1. Check unknown words and grammar in a dictionary and grammar respectively.
  2. Do this exercise slowly, the aim is to pay attention to fine detail.
  3. Best used extensively at intermediate and advanced levels.
  4. For beginners, start with course-book sentences.
  5. At the beginner level: also read out the (L1) translation the first time.
  6. Try to do sessions of approximately 15 minutes.

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Video demonstration[]


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