Everybody wants to learn languages faster. "How can I become fluent faster?", "How can I learn more vocabulary faster?", "What's the easiest way to learn a language?".

I have some sobering news. The metaphor is stolen from the software development community, but it applies anyways: There is no silver bullet to slay the werewolf of language learning. It just takes time. It's hard work. There is no book you can buy, you software you can download, and not audio course you can listen to or method you can follow that will take you from beginner to fluency easily.

This is something you need to recognize, otherwise you'll waste time and money looking for a better way, the "right way". Specifically, you'll find yourself in a bookstore saying "Man, if _only_ I had this course I'd become _more_fluent_." Or "I could learn more vocabulary faster." It takes time. There is NoSilverBullet.