Mission StatementEdit

The goal of this wiki is to complement the forums at HTLAL. We want to rescue the nuggets of information that have been drowned in the flood of threads. This wiki will contain pages on the methods, techniques, courses, problems and solutions that have been mentioned on the forum, distilling the best bits into a format that is more easily usable by everyone.

Examples of acceptable topics:Edit

  • Summaries of language courses
  • Description of techniques, including tips and common pitfalls for following them
  • Reviews of language courses, with particular emphasis on the different strengths and weaknesses when compared with other courses, and how the courses vary among their different revisions and language offerings.
  • Specific languages, if written from the point of view of the language learner. Wikipedia has an excellent set of articles on French. However, topics such as how to pronounce the French R or U, relative ease compared to other languages, particularly excellent resources, and so on, are fine.
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