Challenges are a great way to start learning a language and to overcome the difficulties you meet on your way. The challenges in bold are currently active or scheduled.

Challenges can be started and discussed in the language challenges subforum.


Challenge name Goals and limits Schedule Where to log Duration
6 Week Challenge

Making solid progress in one language

(B1 or lower)

  • February
  • May
  • August
  • November

@6WCBot and/or your log

6 weeks
Consistency thread Consistently reaching any measurable goal in any language Potentially always on, PM Serpent the main thread No limits; the recommended length is 10-99 days per goal
Dead Languages Challenge Extensive reading in a dead or barely living language TBA
Learning-Based Challenge Achieving a custom goal in a month - anything apart from reading or listening (April 2014) HTLAL thread; your log 1 month
Music Challenge Discovering new music - one album or 10-15 songs per month Potentially always on wikia page can be done every month
Output Challenge Writing 50,000 words and/or recording 50 hours of speaking annual challenge with sign-ups starting in December HTLAL thread 1 year
Reading challenges Depends on the specific challenge. L1 counts. Reviews are often required, sometimes there are giveaways various (often annual) Specific blogs and sites; generally links are required. HTLAL thread can be used if needed various
Reading short stories challenge Read 1 short story per week (the minimum is 5 stories in a year) annual challenge; sign-ups open until mid-November HTLAL thread 1 year
Small challenges thread Various challenges too small to have their own threads; the rules may vary Potentially always on, PM Serpent the main thread; post links to any relevant sites or pages where you log your progress depends on the challenge, normally unlimited
Super Challenge Making a significant progress in your highest priority language(s) by using native materials

Next challenge: May 2018 to December 2019

@langchallenge (not required), HTLAL thread 20 months
Total Annihilation Challenge (TAC) Keeping logs, getting and posting comments/ corrections/advice - there are various teams and options annual challenge; sign-ups and team formation start in December your log and/or team thread 1 year
Tadoku (Read More or Die); HTLAL thread

Extensive reading in up to three languages, any level

(based on the Japanese concept of Tadoku)

January, March

June, August

October, @TadokuBot - required 1 month or 2 weeks (in italics)
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