Update: We're back online! The forum is available at the usual address, but running on a shiny new server.

The site language-learners.org is temporary offline due to a security issue. Rdearman writes:

Sadly I must say the server on which this forum his hosted was hacked. The hackers installed a password harvesting kit. This is a program which sits alongside the normal service but passes password information back to the hackers.


If you have used your password here on any other place, please go to those other places and change your password. Do not change your password here! If you change your password on the forum before it is uninfected you'll compromise your new password. There are a number of steps to be taken in order to get the forum back to a working and uninfected state. But our primary concern is your security.

In order to disinfect the forum, we'll be moving it to a new dedicated host environment and re-installing the software from scratch from an uninfected source.

We'll change all administration passwords, and then we'll change all user passwords to a random string. After this is done, you'll be able to use the forgotten password option to change your password back to something of your choosing.

Over the course of the next few days the site will change to "read only" mode, and then after it has been moved and repaired, your login will fail (most likely) and you'll have to use the change password option.

We apologise for the problems, but please, please, please take this opportunity to change any password on other sites where you've used the same one as here. Security experts recommend changing passwords regularly, so even if you've had a unique password for this site you might want to rotate passwords.

We've loaded all the forum data onto a new server, and we're going to try to bring it online soon. Check back here for more news soon! (updated: April 20th 15:57 US Eastern Time)

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