Website is a free language learning website where you can find everything you need to learn a language online. italki is home to a global community of language learners from more than 200 countries. This website is one of the first social networks focused on learning foreign languages and continues to be an innovator in this space with features such as multimedia chat, socially-driven questions and answers, open-source file sharing, and collaborative knowledge-based wikis. italki helps people learn foreign languages. italki intends to become the leading platform for online language learning by providing users with the most complete language learning tools available on the net.

Features include

  • Language Exchange Partners and built in chat function
  • Audio, video, and text based language learning resources (Knowledge, Files, Resources)
  • Social questions and answers about language learning
  • Language Teachers (coming soon...)
  • Support for over 100 languages
  • Site translated into 17 languages (English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Hindi, Portuguese, French...)

However, probably the most popular feature is having your writen exercises and experiments corrected by native speakers of your target language. Thanks to the huge community and open enviroment, it usually doesn't take long until you can read correction of your mistakes, often with very good explanation.