Indo-European is a language family comprising of many langauges largely spoken in Europe, South Asia, North and South America. Due to factors of economic, religious, political, and social natures, this family of languages has spread to most areas of human civilisation in some manner. It comprises of a number of sub-families and has an extensive literature in timespan and volume. It has the largest number of speakers of any language family, even though it does not have the largest number of individual languages.

Major Sub-Families

  • Anatolian
  • Greek
  • Indo-Iranian
    • Indo-Aryan
    • Iranian
    • Dardic
    • Nuristani
  • Italic
    • Sabellic
    • Latino-Faliscan
  • Celtic
    • Gaulish
    • Celtiberian
    • Goidelic
    • Brythonic
  • Germanic
  • Armenian
  • Tocharian
  • Slavic
  • Baltic
  • Albanian


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