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The following movies and TV shows have mostly-accurate French subtitles, either on the disk or somewhere online. A few have 3rd-party transcripts that aren't synchronized with the dialog.

Your best bets for finding subtitles or transcripts are the following:

  1. Open Subtitles. These can be used with VLC (if you rip the movie to a hard drive) or with subs2srs. Beware tiny subtitle files—some of the movies claiming to have subtitles have only one or two scenes' worth.
  2. Hypnoweb. If you look, there are sub-sites for each series, and the lists of episodes will sometimes include scripts.

You can find more movies and series in this HTLAL thread.


French subtitles (often not on the DVD)
English subtitles

Banlieue 13
French subtitles (on at least some US DVDs)
English subtitles
These aren't quite exact, but the first several minutes appear to have only minor omissions, and there's lots of slang.

Bon Cop, Bad Cop
French subtitles
English subtitles
The French subs on the disc are at least 80% accurate. Some of the dialog is in a Quebec dialect, and the subtitles are mostly transcribed in standard French with some Quebec vocabulary.

French subtitles
Fairly clear dialog.

Free Birds
Accurate subtitles on DVD (Region 1, Quebec release)

Hunger Games: L'Embrasement
Accurate subtitles on DVD (Region 1, Quebec release)

Accurate subtitles on DVD (checked Quebec release). Dialog is quite fast and colloquial.

Jeux d'enfants

Lock Out
Accurate subtitles on DVD (Region 1, Quebec release)

Ne le dis à personne
French subtitles
Fairly clear dialog.

Red 2
Accurate subtitles on DVD (Region 1, Quebec release)

Need to find links These were mentioned on HTLAL as having good subtitles, presumably on the DVD.

  • Polisse
  • Le bonheur des autres
  • Les Fugitifs
  • Les Amours Imaginaires
  • De vrais mensonges
  • Monsieur Lazhar
  • Maelstrom
  • Tomboy
  • 17 Filles
  • Le silence de Lorna
  • Tromper le silence
  • L'auberge Espagnol
  • Bienvenue Chez Les Chtis
  • Je Vais Bien Ne t'en fais pas
  • L'argent de poche
  • Incendies
  • Camping
  • Neuilly sa mère
  • Je vous trouve très beau
  • Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban (Region 1 release, at least, but not the earlier films)
  • Harry Potter 1 (at least one French release, 85–95% accurate)
  • La Femme Nikita (the movie, not the show)
  • The Hunger Games (French release, 85–95% accurate)
  • Un Conte de Noël (Canadian edition from EF1 films, but not Criterion edition)

Television series[]

Big Bang Theory
Mostly accurate. Bref
Has subs.

Buffy contre les vampires
3rd-party transcripts
Box set sometimes available on Amazon.fr
The actual on-disk subtitles are wildly different from the audio, but the transcripts are accurate and the dubbing is very good.

Camera Cafe
Believed to have subtitles. Transcripts are available somewhere online.


transcripts for season 1-6: http://charmed.fantasy.free.fr/charmedfantasy.html

Chuck (Region 2 French dub)
Has fairly accurate subs, at least for seasons 1 and 2.

C.A. Conseil d'Administration
Québécois dialect, very slangy, good subs. Uses several made-up euphemisms for sexual terms.

Has subs.

Very accurate.

Simpsons (Region 2 French dub)

Les Revenants
Accurate French subs, according to [the discussion here].

more transcripts to french dubs here