There are many companies that publish material for language learners. They range from books to audio programs to Internet sites and more.

Textbooks based in English[edit | edit source]

Audio Only[edit | edit source]

Computer Programs[edit | edit source]

Monolingual courses[edit | edit source]

Most of these are originally meant for classroom use but many are autodidact friendly, or at least usable, as well.

Textbooks based in other languages[edit | edit source]

  • French
  • German
  • Czech
    • courses published by Leda
    • courses published by CPress
    • courses by other publishers

An overview of various language courses is available in a series of videos by Professor Alexander Arguelles.

A collection of comparative reviews of 70 courses, covering 300 languages, is available from Paul Burke, retired teacher and researcher. It also shows which publishers cover each language.

Supplementary learner aimed material[edit | edit source]

sorted firstly by type, secondly by target language. Various source languages sorted on the individual lists.

Grammar books-references, exercises, verb overviews and so on[edit | edit source]




Live online German classes


Vocabulary sources- exercise books, frequency lists, etc., anything but dictionaries[edit | edit source]


Dictionaries-online and paper, mono and bilingual, alphabetical, illustrated, thesauri, etc.[edit | edit source]

Exam preparation course books[edit | edit source]

Foreign character learning sources[edit | edit source]

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